Secure Internet SD-WAN Connection

The Best 1 Gbps SD-WAN Based Internet Service for Corporates in Indonesia

High-Speed Internet Service with Fiber Optic & 5G

Our SD-WAN solution excels because it leverages internet bonding with a 1 GB capacity, fiber optic connectivity, and private cloud services. Internet bonding combines multiple internet sources, improving speed and reliability. The utilization of fiber optic connections ensures high-speed data transfer, while private cloud services enhance security and data management. This holistic approach guarantees optimum performance, reliability, and security, making our SD-WAN service an industry leader in advanced network solutions.

Internet Coverage in Java & Sumatra

Our robust fiber optic network extensively covers both Java and Sumatra islands, ensuring high-speed and reliable internet connectivity across these regions. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we provide a seamless online experience, whether for businesses or home users. Our wide coverage underlines our commitment to bridging digital divides, bringing you the advantages of advanced fiber optic connectivity wherever you are in Java or Sumatra.

1 Gbps Safelink ™ SD-WAN Internet Service

Safelink SD-WAN: The Ultimate Solution for Reliable and High-Speed Connectivity

Achieve unparalleled connectivity with Safelink SD-WAN, a cutting-edge solution that combines the power of two internet bonding technologies: Fiber Optic and 5G. Say goodbye to network downtime and enjoy seamless and fast internet access for your business.

With Safelink SD-WAN, your business benefits from the reliability of Fiber Optic and the blazing-fast speeds of 5G. This powerful combination ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even in areas where wired connections may be limited. Experience the best of both worlds with the stability and security of Fiber Optic and the flexibility and speed of 5G.

Our SD-WAN solution intelligently manages and optimizes your network traffic, providing enhanced performance and efficiency. It dynamically balances the load between Fiber Optic and 5G connections, ensuring optimal bandwidth allocation and minimizing latency.

By leveraging Safelink SD-WAN, your business gains increased productivity, improved customer experience, and enhanced cloud application performance. You can seamlessly connect branch offices, enable secure remote access, and enjoy high-speed internet for all your business needs.

Unlock the potential of Safelink SD-WAN, the ultimate solution for reliable and high-speed connectivity. Contact us today to learn more about how our Fiber Optic + 5G bonding technology can transform your business network. Experience the future of connectivity with Safelink SD-WAN.

Empower Your Business with SD-WAN Solutions for POS & Enterprise Applications and Local Loop Connectivity

Introducing our advanced SD-WAN solutions tailored for Point of Sale (POS) systems and enterprise applications, providing seamless connectivity and enhanced performance. Combined with a local loop network and a secure Private Cloud infrastructure, our solution ensures reliability and agility for your business operations.

With our SD-WAN solution, you can optimize your POS transactions and enterprise applications by leveraging a robust and efficient network. Our intelligent routing and traffic management capabilities ensure low latency and high bandwidth, enabling smooth and uninterrupted operations.

By integrating a local loop network, we offer secure and reliable connectivity between your business locations, branches, and data centers. This local loop infrastructure ensures seamless data transfer, efficient communication, and improved collaboration across your organization.

With our Private Cloud infrastructure, your critical data and applications are hosted in a secure and dedicated environment. This ensures maximum data protection, compliance, and availability, while providing scalability and flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

Experience the power of SD-WAN for POS and enterprise applications, combined with a local loop network and a Private Cloud infrastructure. Streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and elevate your business to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about how our SD-WAN solutions can transform your business connectivity.

Advantages Internet of SD-WAN Connection

Zero Downtime

We prepare the best WAN technology to provide excellent service. In other words, your company's network will experience very little downtime.

Simple, Easy to Use

Anyone who uses network resources and utilizes WANs, will find it easy when they want to connect to the network. Just plug it in, and the user will be directly connected to the network.

Easy to Monitor

SD-WAN performance reports can be monitored easily via a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Cost Efficiency

SD-WAN with the best quality certainly comes with efficient operations. Help you save on network usage costs

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