Organization & Account Management

Manage Accounts and Users via an Intuitive Dashboard

TableAds is designed with intuitive features to make it easy for partners to check the performance of devices installed in a number of outlets managed by partners.

Manage Account with Ease

After completing the partnership process, you will get login access to the TableAds dashboard. There you can check your account and edit the required information.

Check Device Distribution in All Outlets

Partners can check all devices installed in all outlets.

Advanced Content Management

Effective Advertising Content Management

You can upload the ad content that has been prepared, both in the form of images, HTML5 and video, directly from the dashboard that has been prepared.

Upload In One Click

Prepare your assets, then use the upload menu to broadcast ads on all devices at the outlets you specify.

Report & Face Recognition System

Advanced Reporting System

TableAds is designed with a dashboard system that allows partners to check reports on the number of outlet visitors based on gender and age.

Advanced Face Recognition

With this feature, partners can find out the description of restaurant diners where TableAds is installed based on age and gender.

Find Out Periodic Crowded Days

The reporting system in the TableAds dashboard also helps you learn the busy days of the restaurant based on the days and hours of outlet opening.