Human Resource System

Dedicated for Growing Business

Managing all documents related to human resources will become even simpler, thanks to KELOOLA. From employee salaries and benefits to leave and permits, we make sure you can handle all of the records without problems.

One Click Employee Management

With just a few clicks, KELOOLA will display all data related to employees, including events, staff, jobs, training, company announcement lists, and meeting schedules.

Complete Report

A comprehensive report to help you manage payroll, number of employee permits, and monthly attendance. Plus, it can be downloaded with a single click.

All HR Needs in One Dashboard

HR Manager can edit the employee data, including which division the employee works in, what documents s/he provides, and banking data for payroll purposes, directly from a simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

Download Payslip Directly

There is a payslip feature in KELOOLA that will help you download it quickly. No need to waste papers just to make it right.

Manage Employee Leave

KELOOLA is designed to make it easier for HR Managers to manage employee leave through the “Leave Management Setup” menu.

Monitor Employee Performance

One said it would be hard for a company to measure employee performance. Well, that’s not the case if you use our platform. KELOOLA comes with the Menu “Performance Indicator”, through which the HR Manager will be able to monitor the performance of each employee, as well as the division where the employee is assigned.

Employee Training Report

Regular training for employees is a good thing. But it will be even better if it’s accompanied by a report that makes it easier for managers to see the results. That kind of report is also available in the KELOOLA dashboard.

Recruit New Employees

KELOOLA is completed with the recruitment setup feature, through which you can manage important data related to the recruitment process and list of job vacancies available in your company.

Special Feature for HR Manager

HR managers can manage everything related to employee awards, employee transfers from one branch office to another, employee resignations, business trips, employee complaints, and so on.

Organize Company Events

Add internal company events, and schedule meetings at specified times.

Accounting System

Neat Accounting Report

Monitoring the balance sheet with KELOOLA will ensure that you do not lose important data related to business income and expenses.

Manage Customer Relation with Ease

Manage your customer through the menu “Customer Hub”. From this you can add or manage all data including invoice and offering letters they have previously sent.

Monitor Vendor List

Using the menu “Vendor”, the manager can view, add and check the list of vendors that work with your company.

View and Add Proposal

If your company collaborates with another company, the menu “Proposal” shows you all records related to offering letters. The manager can utilize it to edit the letters or do simple monitoring tasks.

Easy-to-Use Banking Menu

Add a bank account and current balance easily through the menu “Banking”.

Record and Monitor Business Income

The Menu ``Invoice, Revenue and Credit Note” are there to help managers monitor the flow of your business income. From this point, people can view, add, and download revenue reports, invoices, and credit notes, easily.

Manage Expenses

Expenses management can be done easily through the menu “Bill, Payment and Debit Note”. Users can add billing and list of payment, as well as download them in an easy-to-read format.

Check Account Data

In the menu “Double Entry”, there are a few functions such as Chart of Accounts, Journal Account, Ledger Summary, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. With these handy features, managers don't need to manually prepare a master ledger to record assets, liabilities, expenses, income, and so on.

Determine Your Business Financial Goals

Set business financial goals is easy within a single menu. 

Set Accounting Variables

Put and manage additional variables to be inserted in the accounting system, such as Tax Rate, Category, or Unit.

Print Custom Reports

It is easy to print offering letters or bills and invoices in a custom format that is easy to read.

CRM System

Manage Leads Effectively

KELOOLA comes with a comprehensive CRM system, making it easier for you to carry out pre and post sales activities

Easy to Manage Leads

Leads are an important part of the marketing process. You can find a card list that can be arranged and shifted according to leads status (draft, sent, or open).

Monitor Deals in One View

Record and monitor agreement between you and potential customers. Just like the menu “Leads”, the list of deals presented in card format.

Easy Way to Create Form

You can create a form, add fields that the customer must fill out, and submit it with a single click

Manage Employment Contracts Efficiently

The menu “Contract” in KELOOLA helps you create, edit and check agreements between your companies and clients.

Product System

Manage Products and Stocks with Ease

KELOOLA will help you manage stocks efficiently so that your business can continue to serve loyal customers. 

Efficient Product Management

Through an intuitive dashboard menu, managers can check, add, and modify products and services that your company provides.

Manage Stock to Fulfill Demand

The menu “Product Stock” help your company managing stock and check product availability.

Project System

Create a Project, Monitor the Progress

Our platform also comes with a small-yet-important project management tool. It puts all projects into a list, through which you can monitor the progress down to the smallest detail.

Easy-to-Add Project Data

Users can view and add project all data related to ongoing projects.

Manage Employee Tasks

KELOOLA helps managers to monitor progress of tasks that have been assigned to employees.

Set Task Time Period

Managers can set a task timeline, based on an agreement between you and the customer.

Find and Identify Bugs

Managers can provide a list of bugs to help them minimize errors in each project/task.

Track Tasks with Calendar

Use Calendar to check tasks/projects assigned to employees.

Integrated Task Tracking System

When using this menu, managers can monitor various tasks and the status of the project.

Centralized System Settings

Manage Project System Setup, Task Stages, and Bug Status, easily with this menu. All tasks and projects are compiled here.