Paperless ePrice Tag

Create Paperless Price Tags

Every supermarket owner understands how much it costs to make and print price tags. Now you can save on the cost of creating price tags with one digital price tag solution offered by ET ePrice Tag

Various Sizes of Price Tags

Just place a price tag on a shopping shelf, and shop managers don’t have to change the price manually. Price tags are available in various sizes and dimensions.

All Information in One Tag

Shop Managers may put more information, not only price but specs, size and many more, so that consumers can recognize the advantages of the products.

Include Information about Discounts

Shop managers can easily put information about discounts. They don't have to manually remove the old label and replace it with the new one.

Easy to control and Realtime

Centralized Price Control

ET Price Tag works by leveraging servers at the head office to change and update product prices. The admin at the head office will provide input on the price of each product sold at the branch store and then distribute it to each branch store

Price Updates in Realtime

The price tag of each product will change in real time, according to price changes made at the head office and then stored on the branch store server.

Connect to POS Machines and Software

Change Product Price Anytime

The ET Price Tag can be used to change the product price at any time. That way, you can save time, because you don't need to make price changes manually

Text and Numbers

Enter text and numbers through the ET Price Tag software, and you can describe the type of item and price easily and accurately.

Barcodes & QR Codes

Manage barcodes and QR Codes in realtime and efficiently. With this feature you can manage prices and types of products in the store, as well as manage and update promos that are valid for certain periods and for certain products