11 Nov 2022, 02:40

Thrive is an official partner of Orlansoft, a trusted ERP system for more than 30 years in Indonesia

Thrive - IT Consultant is a trusted IT consulting company proudly appointed as an official partner of Orlansoft, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software company that has worked closely with companies in the fields of Trading / Distribution, Manufacturing, and various services throughout Indonesia. 

Having the same commitment and goals, Thrive and Orlansoft agreed to a partnership to build ERP (Enterprise Business System) and POS (Point Of Sales), which are expected to be able to systemize and integrate with ET Price Tag and ET Robotics which can help businesses optimize the use of resources company. 

The partnership was inaugurated by the Director of PT Orlansoft Data System, Tjandra with Thrive Director, Eddy Yansen as the first step in realizing a new system in the world of technology which is expected to help facilitate business systems in Indonesia.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) itself is an information system model that allows organizations to automate and integrate business processes that can break the deadlocks of traditional functional barriers in organizations by facilitating the sharing of various data, and various information flows and introducing or channeling practices. common business among all users in the organization.

If the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be integrated by Thrive's hardware, it will produce a new technology that will certainly greatly facilitate existing business systems in Indonesia, especially retail business systems that were originally complex to be simpler and more effective.

On a different occasion, Eddy Yansen as Director of Thrive said, “Technology advancement in various business fields is a challenge that must be accepted by Indonesian technology revolutionaries, including Thrive. Not only creating sophisticated robotic technology but also having to be supported by adequate system development so that it is integrated stably.”

"Thrive strongly believes that PT Orlansoft Data System, which has more than 30 years of experience in ERP system development, can collaborate with each other in creating developing technologies and systems to facilitate Indonesian business systems and help realize superior modern technology going forward," he said,

Thrive himself has always been committed to continuing to explore technology in order to create Information Technology solutions for all businesses in Indonesia, for the sake of mutual economic progress. 

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