23 Aug 2023, 07:34

Thrive and internetWork Join Forces for Technological Advancement at Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2023

A grand spectacle in the world of technology, Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2023, successfully brought together industry players to celebrate technological progress. From August 10th to 12th, 2023, Hall D1 of JIEXPO Kemayoran in Jakarta became the meeting point for leaders and innovators, including Thrive and internetWork, who collectively showcased their cutting-edge innovations.

Thrive, a pioneering technology company, seized this moment to showcase their innovative products that have left an indelible mark in the world of technology. The spotlight was on Safelink ET9000 Cable and Safelink ET9200 Cable + 4G, with their impressive electronic technology security solutions. These products not only safeguard valuable data but also offer superior connectivity through cable and 4G support. Thrive's innovation underscores their determination to create a safer and more connected digital environment.

Marching alongside Thrive, internetWork proudly presented sophisticated services that redefine the landscape of digital transformation. High Speed Internet Solution, Managed Service SD-WAN, Cloud & VDC (Virtual Data Center), Colocation Rack Data, and Network IT Assessment & Services serve as tangible evidence of internetWork embracing the technology revolution. These services demonstrate that internetWork is not just a service provider but a partner ready to face the challenges of the digital era.

Not just captivating technology, the event was also enlivened by the presence of a Robot Barista, offering attendees complimentary cups of coffee. This serves as evidence that technological innovation can extend into everyday aspects, even in simple pleasures like enjoying a cup of coffee.

Eddy Yansen, Director of Thrive, remarked, "We take pride in being part of Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2023. Our products are not just about technology; they're about delivering real solutions to our customers. This is a step forward in shaping the future of technology in Indonesia."

Joky Arto Setiawan, Director of internetWork, shared his perspective, "This event is a platform for internetWork to showcase how our services drive positive change in the business world. We believe that technology should provide convenience and solutions, and that's what we're showcasing here."

Through a solid partnership, Thrive and internetWork have emerged as pioneers propelling technological development in Indonesia. Their participation in Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2023 underscores the importance of collaboration in navigating the dynamics of today's technology landscape. With their flagship products and services, they pave the way for a technology era that is more connected, efficient, and sophisticated.

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