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Enterprise Hardware

ET Laptop

High performance and elegant design, the perfect solution for professionals prioritizing productivity and efficiency in the business environment.

Enterprise Hardware

ET ePrice Tag

Change product prices without replacing labels! Simply input the new product price using the ET ePrice Tag, it will immediately appear on the store shelf! Cost-effective, easy to use.

Enterprise Hardware

ET Firewall

ET Firewall is a security hardware for your internet infrastructure. Use this tool to secure network infrastructure from damage that possibly caused by breaches, data theft and hacking.

Enterprise Hardware


Yubico is a hardware key to prevent phishing and protect account credentials (passwords and login ID information) on various internet services. This device can be used without additional software.

Enterprise Hardware


Manage Bitcoin, Ethereum and other types of digital assets through Safepal. This is a hardware wallet that is 100% offline and keeps assets safe in your hands. Buy, sell and secure your crypto with Safepal!

Enterprise Hardware

ET PC Desktop Workstation

Discover the best option for optimal performance with the range of ET PC Desktop Workstations. Specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals from various fields, providing superior performance in every task. Customize it to your needs and enhance your productivity and creativity with 
ET PC Desktop Workstations.

Enterprise Software


Table signage comes with programmatic advertising. You can display banner ads or place Table Ads wherever your businesses are located. 1,500++ devices have been placed in more than 20 cities in Indonesia.

Enterprise Software


KELOOLA is an easy-to-use accounting tool that runs in the cloud and is suitable for many different kinds of businesses. With a few easy clicks, you can handle orders, projects, customer service, and stock.

Enterprise Software


Leave the manual check log, use Absensi. This is an app that makes it easy for employees to record absences and manage all matters regarding staffing, right from their Android device.

Enterprise Software


Funnel is a marketing planning and simulation software. You can plan your marketing objectives, the channels to use, and simulate costs as well as its result in one click.

Enterprise Software


Kotakado is an e-voucher management system that helps your business distribute vouchers to the right customers. Your customers can easily find e-vouchers from various favorite merchants as well.

Enterprise Software


Mag+ is a software and application that makes it easy for you to create and publish various types of content (magazines, catalogs, white papers, journals, etc.) through apps, websites and corporate social media in one click.

Enterprise Software


Bizgo is an analytics dashboard that integrates data from PPC Ads, SEO campaigns, and your social media. We complete it with AI Prediction to help you make the right business decisions.

Enterprise Software


Moodle is a platform to support e-learning process. Lecturers can use it to upload course materials, assignments, syllabus, quizzes, and give final grades to their students.

Enterprise Software

Keloola Exchange

Unlock the Potential of Your Data with Ease: Extract, Transform, 
Load - Seamlessly Transforming Complexity into Opportunity.

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Thrive is a company that has been engaged in IT consulting for more than 15 years in Indonesia.

For more than 15 years, Thrive has served clients from various business fields such as Kompas Group, Jawa Pos (JPNN), TIKI JNE, Jaya Ancol, Toyota Indonesia, Sharp Indonesia, Lexus, Garuda Indonesia, Daihatsu, BMW, and other brands in various fields of industry.

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Thrive offers comprehensive and complete artificial intelligence, automation and robotics products for various businesses in Indonesia.

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